Questions about scheduling your event.


Do I need to sign a Rental agreement/waiver for jumpy house and other equipment?


Yes you need to sign a Rental agreement/waiver before items are dropped off at Location.


Click here for rental agreement/waiver




How does the deposit work?


All equipment has a deposit that varies from $25-$100 deposit will be returned back to your major credit or debit card.


Is it a processing fee to process credit or debit?


Yes it is a processing fee for credit and debit we only accept credit and debit no cash it will be a $5 dollar processing fee this processing fee will come out of your deposit so if your deposit was $100 you will receive $95.


If it rains can I cancel?


Yes if it rains you can cancel You can reschedule for another day we will hold the deposit to reschedule if you paid in full you can ask for your money to be refunded but only the amount of the item we still hold the deposit for the reschedule.


What is the process of rescheduling?


If you reschedule the first one Is free the second reschedule will be a rescheduling fee of $25


What happens if I want to cancel?


You can cancel at any time we will hold the deposit to reschedule another event If you paid in full we will refund the amount of the items rent on customers request.


When will I receive my deposit back?


You received your deposit back 2 to 5 business days.


When I was scheduling it says 30 minutes is that how long I get the equipment?


No 30 minutes on the scheduling site means that it takes up to 30 minutes to Set up your event.


How long is the rental equipment?


All equipment is for the day jumpy house is required to pick up by 8 o’clock and it varies based on sunset Some of our equipment requires pick up the next day For more detail talk to a live representative.


Can I have a jumpy house overnight?


Yes you can have a jumpy house overnight requires $25 for overnight it must be in the backyard with a fence 4-6 feet high For more details talk to a live representative.


Can I pay in cash?


No all of the rental equipment must be paid with credit or debit.


Is delivery free?



Yes delivery is free 15 miles from Location anything out of 15 miles will be a $25 delivery fee also you must be over $50 for free delivery.

Do I need my ID to rent equipment?


Yes you need your ID to rent equipment IDs is to confirm your identity for the equipment and for the credit / Debit transactions.


What is the policy of damage equipment?


The policy of damage equipment you will lose your deposit Customer is responsible for all equipment of New Albany inflatables if equipment is Intentionally Damaged customer will be responsible for the full amount of equipment.


Do I need to be there when equipment is dropped off?


Yes customer that order equipment should be at the location if the customer cannot be at the location please contact us and let us know who will be there at the location someone over the age of 18.